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Telephone Tips During an Emergency

Telephone lines are designed to handle 10% phone use at any given time. Once phone use exeeds10%, the system is overwhelmed and local call service can be suspended. That means 9-1-1 calls won't be available! Long distance calls will be easier to make so arrange an out of area contact where loved ones can check in and receive messages. If power is out, cordless telephones will not work. Keep a backup phone available to plug into the phone jack.

To help reduce the strain on the phone system:

  • Stay off the phone unless you have a life threatening emergency. For general information about the emergency, turn on a battery operated radio.
  • If the emergency was an earthquake, put telephone receivers that have been shaken off of the hook back in their cradle immediately. If you do have an emergency and can't get a dial tone, don't click the receiver. When you pick up the phone, your call request goes into a queue. Each time you click the receiver, you go back to the end of the queue line. If a dial tone is not received within 60 seconds, the system may be overwhelmed. Be sure to know life saving techniques.

Pay phones: Service is restored before residential service. Calling 9-1-1 from a pay phone is a free call.

Cellular phones: Calls must travel through regular phone lines to connect. So the same rules apply - use only for life threatening emergencies. Calling 9-1-1 from some cellular phones on or near a highway may connect you to the California Highway Patrol in Vallejo and can cause delays in emergency response. Know your local seven digit emergency number to call directly to your 9-1-1 center.

Morgan Hill's emergency number is 408-779-2101