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Assignment Status (67 KB)
Used to track teams on an assignment. It includes the type of team, members' names, and their assignment. It is to be returned with Incident Briefing to Incident Command upon completion of the assignment.

Damage Assessment (109 KB)
For use by everyone. Fill out this form on your way to Command Post and give it to Incident Command. This should provide a summary of overall hazards in selected areas, including:

  • Fires
  • Utility hazards
  • Structural damage
  • Injuries and causalities
  • Available access
  • Essential for prioritizing and formulating action plans

Equipment Resources (99 KB)
For use by Logistics and Staging. Used to track the loan of equipment to CERT members.

Incident Briefing (57 KB)
For Incident Commander (or Incident Team Leader). Used for identify damage, known hazards, actions taken, and the goals and objectives for a specific period of time.

Message Form (36 KB)
For use by everyone. Used for sending messages between command levels and groups. Messages should be clear and concise and should focus on such key issues as:

  • Assignment completion
  • Additional resources required
  • Special information
  • Status update

Personnel Resources (90 KB)
For use by Logistics and Staging. Used to track personnel availability. Each responder should complete as they arrive at the Staging Area. Answers the questions:

  • Who is on site?
  • When did they arrive?
  • When were they assigned?
  • What are their special skills?

Post-Incident Status (42 KB)
For Incident Command. Used by the command post for keeping abreast of situation status. Contains essential information for tracking personnel and assignments.

Victim Treatment Area Record (68 KB)
For Medical Treatment Area. Completed by Medical Treatment Area personnel to record victims entering the treatment area, their condition, and their status.

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