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What You Can do to Protect Your Property from Flooding

  • Have a licensed plumber install “check valves” in sewer traps to prevent floodwater from backing up into the drains of your home.
  • Periodically examine your property for flood risks. Seal any cracks in the foundation and exterior walls of your home and seal small openings around pipes with grout or concrete, crack filler or caulk.
  • Gather emergency building materials, such as plywood, plastic sheeting and sandbags.
  • Construct barriers to stop floodwater from entering the building.
  • Inspect rain gutters and drainage; consider tarping or seeding any unvegetated slopes on your property.

Before a Flood

  • Prepare a family disaster plan for floods, earthquakes and fires. Make an emergency kit for your home and for your car with emergency supplies such as a flashlight, batteries, water and non-perishable food. Move insurance policies, documents and other valuables to a safe deposit box.
  • Be aware of the locations of streams and drainage channels in your neighborhood (see the list of local “Creeks that flood” on the back).
  • Learn how to turn off utilities to your home and keep your car’s gas tank full so you won’t be stranded.
  • The smartest thing you can do to prepare for floods is purchase flood insurance.

*Information provided by the Santa Clara Valley Water Disrict

Learn what you should do during, and after, a flood.

City of Morgan Hill Flood Information

Santa Clara Valley Water District

Protecting homes, businesses and transportation networks from the devastating effects of floods is one of the main jobs of the Santa Clara Valley Water District. Through the years as the county's population and economy have grown the district has worked hard to keep pace with the construction of appropriate flood protection projects. It is a continuous and expensive process.

In this section you can learn about flooding in the Santa Clara Valley:

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