Community Emergency Response Team Training
Sponsored by the City of Morgan Hill Office of Emergency Services
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About the Training Course

Community Emergency Response Training is a FEMA-certified course on basic disaster preparedness for self, family, neighborhood and community. It educates those of us living in South Santa Clara County about preparedness for hazards such as earthquakes, wildfires, floods, and other emergencies and disasters that may impact our community. It provides training in basic emergency response skills such as fire safety, light search and rescue, emergency medical operations, community response team organization, and disaster psychology.

Using the training learned in the classroom and during exercises, you will be better prepared to safely and appropriately provide assistance to your family, neighborhood, community and workplace following an event when professional responders may not immediately be available to help.

Graduates who have completed all courses are eligible to be deployed providing complimentary assistance to professional responders during emergencies when our professional agencies become overwhelmed. (i.e.: Winter floods in Morgan Hill and also during major city events such as the Morgan Hill's 4th of July Festivities.)

There is no requirement of physical fitness. Youth aged 14 and up are permitted to attend with a parent, but only those individuals who are 18 and older will be allowed to respond and serve as Disaster Service Workers.

There is no charge for the class to residents of Morgan Hill, San Martin or Gilroy.

Morgan Hill Fall 2017 CERT Basic Training

Classes will be held at Morgan Hill Police Dept - EOC/Training Room (South end of PD building), MH Community and Cultural Center/El Toro Training Room on Wednesday and Thursdays from 7 pm - 9:30 pm, with the exception of Unit 5 see the time, the Disaster Simulation/Graduation which is held on a Saturday from 8:00 am - 1:30 pm. location Bus yard in Morgan Hill.

CERT Classes Schedule Spring 2017

October 25, 2017, Wednesday Unit 1 Disaster Preparedness (Morgan Hill EOC Training Room)

October 26, 2017, Thursday Unit 2 Fire Safety (TBD)

November 1, 2017, Wednesday Unit 3 Disaster Medical Part 1 (MH Community and Cultural Center/El Toro Training Room)

November 2, 2017, Thursday Unit 4 Disaster Medical Part 2 (MH Community and Cultural Center/El Toro Training Room)

November 8, 2017, Wednesday Unit 5 Light Search and Rescue (TBD)

November 9, 2017, Thursday, Unit 6 & 7 CERT Organization and Disaster Psychology (MH Community and Cultural Center/El Toro Training Room)

November 15, 2017, Wednesday Unit 8 (MH Community and Cultural Center/El Toro Training Room)

November 18, 2017 Saturday 8:00 am - 1:30 pm Disaster Simulation/Graduation

Training Registration

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Morgan Hill Police Department EOC Training Rooom
Emergency Operations Center (South end of PD building)
16200 Vineyard Blvd. (Get directions)
Morgan Hill, CA

Community Cultural Center (CCC)
17000 Monterey Rd (Get directions)
Morgan Hill, CA

Morgan Hill Unified School District Transportation Dept (Bus Yard)
Emergency Operations Center (South end of PD building)
105 Edes St (Get directions)
Morgan Hill, CA